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Wave Jobs team. People who create the Wave Jobs have been involved in Photonics for at least 15 years. During our career, we worked in different positions, from junior researcher to higher manager, and in different places, like universities, SEMs, Startups, big concerns, or national institutions.

We all share the same goal - develop photonics.


Grow with the Wave

Thanks to a variety of experiences we discovered that a proper place for photonics job posts doesn't exist. That was the inspiration to create Wave Jobs. Place where only jobs related to photonics would be posted. It is special for a few reasons. First, the whole idea is to build on short, easy to analyze, and compare descriptions of jobs and candidate profiles. Something that is beneficial for both sides i.e. employers and employees. The second thing is that we get support from one of the largest organizations related to photonics. The third one is that this is the place dedicated to photonics only,– which makes it unique. And the last one is related to our goal. We want to help people to build and develop their careers (not only to get a job). And in turn, develop photonics.

If you are interested in posting your job offers from the very beginning of our portal, you can complete the form or send an email.

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