Photonic Aid For Ukraine is an initiative of the optics and photonics community for the persons forced to leave Ukraine because of war.
We act as a helpline and contact point:
  • providing verified information
  • advising on housing, health and administrative provisions
  • helping find jobs in in optics and photonics, i.e. those areas of engineering, technology and science based on light and its unique properties
We want to assist with organisation of life in Poland and protect Ukrainians from losing their specialist expertise. Photonic Aid For Ukraine will allow further professional development of refugees, so they would use their full potential to rebuild the country after the war.
Find all job offers here:
Optics, optoelectronics, photonics, are specialised areas where finding a job matching your competences and interests may not be easy. We are going to help you to find a job in companies and institutions active in areas of your specialisation. We are publishing offers for non-photonics positions in those organisations too – perhaps your friends or relatives will find a job close to you
We will advise and assist you in Ukrainian, English and Polish
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This service is a joint action of Candela Foundation, Polish Technological Platform on Photonics and WaveJobs. We provide only verified information and post job offers from companies and organisations we know. This action is supported by:
This service is 100% free. You can register to respond to job offers more easily – your answer will be sent directly from our webpage to the employer, the content of your answers is not recorded nor stored by our service.
If you don’t wish to register, just answer using the email address in the job offer. Job offer in Ukrainian is for a position where you can start working without any other language skills (some language training may be required later). Job offer in English is for position where at least basic language skills are required.
Other websites with job offers
This service is publishing job offers from the optics and photonics industry for people forced to leave Ukraine because of Russian aggression:
Here you can find some help and job offers for researchers from different European laboratories:
Official Polish government website for war refugees from Ukraine:
Official Polish government website for Ukrainian citizens:
If you want to post a photonic job offer for refugees from Ukraine, please register as Employer at post your job selecting Job Type: Photonics Aid 4 Ukraine
Instruction for Employers is available here: